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The services for your business

Understand how ShowMe enhances your business throughout our professional services.

Business Intelligence Consulting (BI)

We are experts in data analytics. We can help you to build your reports, and advise you on the best strategy to approach a successful integration of the technological tools.

Business Intelligence Consulting (BI)

Managed Services

If you are looking for all the benefits of having a data analytics area without needing to hire personnel. We will take care in the management of the data life cycle, from its capture to its analysis and exploitation, by hiring headed services you can concentrate exclusively on your business and delegate the technical part to our team.

Managed Services

Report development

We implement a report according to your needs so you can get the maximum value from your data and make the best decisions. You will be able to consult your data at anytime, anywhere and everywhere.

Report development

Being able to have all the data organized and prepared with our tools in three weeks.


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By having ShowMe you are assured of these benefits:

Business Intelligence consultancy

Metric tracking

Track the performance of your business objectives and your team in real time.

Data source integrations to BI


Access from your cell phone, tablet or computer. You will always see the updated information no matter where you are.

Business Partnership

Go for better results

Optimize the use of your resources, maximizing the benefit obtained. With the implementation of a data-centric culture, you will be able to measure and improve key aspects of your business.